Highlands High Alumni Association 

Class Contacts/Coordinators/Yearbooks

School Year Name Email Yearbooks
Highlands 1959 Diana Lansdon DeCaires d.lansdon@yahoo.com  
Highlands 1960 Jeanette Null Laprezioso jlapre@comcast.net  
Highlands 1962 Steve Williams stevewms@sbcglobal.net  
Highlands 1963 Shirlene Lansdon maryshirlene15@gmail.com  
Highlands 1964 Connie Heilaman Hintz connie@conniesdecors.com Yearbook
Highlands 1965 Sherry Antrim Chavez sherry1547@sbcglobal.com Yearbook
Highlands 1966 Sandy Lansdon Cooper sandracooper1966@yahoo.com Yearbook
Highlands 1967 Loreene Sheppard tomboy_1967@yahoo.com Yearbook
Foothill 1967 Loreene Sheppard tomboy_1967@yahoo.com  
Highlands 1968 Loreene Sheppard tomboy_1967@yahoo.com  
Foothill 1968 Loreene Sheppard tomboy_1967@yahoo.com  
Highlands 1969 Judy Gonzales Aleman juder31@earthlink.net  
Highlands 1971 Ivalynn (Ivy) Pike Kichor ivy1953@att.net  
Highlands 1972 Arleen DeGregorio ladymeganhamilton@yahoo.com  
Highlands 1975 Donna (Tullos) Salah highlandsscot@yahoo.com  
Highlands 1978 Yahoo Group highlandsreunion1978@yahoo.com  
Highlands 1979 Stephanie Hill-Draughn Stephanie_hill_draughn@yahoo.com  
Highlands 1985 Lynna Miller Hood lynnahood@yahoo.com  
Highlands 1986  
Highlands 1997 Monique (Blue) Langer highlands1997@gmail.com  
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If a contact person for your school-year is not listed, write and volunteer yourself or ask THAT PERSON to write Webmaster@HighlandsHighAlumni.com with School, Year, Name, Email. Please DO NOT VOLUNTEER someone else. If they cannot write an email, they are not qualified to be your class contact

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