Highlands High Alumni Association 

Reunion Planning Tips

Is your class planning a reunion? Here are some suggestions from "experienced" alums from Palo Alto High School, Palo Alto, CA! Hope this is helpful. Feel free to contact any of us for details etc.

Try to start organizing at least one year ahead- Helps with finding people, securing the venue you want etc.
1. Form a committee- 8-15 locals is good! Select a Coordinator/Chair.
2. Take a poll by email for best date, type of function etc.
3. Ways to find classmates:
    a. email and ask others to send it on
    b. HighlandsHighAlumni.com
    c. Classmates.com
    d. Search company for lost classmates (Class Quest 800-684-4185)
    e. Highlands High Alumni Association can print each class one list (from current directory) and one set of labels in exchange for updates and a little PR - email XXX
4. Consider joint party with other classes or multiple schools
5. Send date/details to webmaster of HighlandsHighAlumni.com
6. Post announcement in Yahoo Group for HighlandsHighAlumni

1. Consider the overall spending limits of your classmates- then make a plan that most can afford.
2. Don't include donations to any special cause- too controversial: price the event at cost and, if there is money left over, save it for next time or donate it to Paly scholarships or general.
3. Include cost of mailings, band, decorations, prizes , whatever ,in the ticket price.
4. Create separate reunion bank account, require two signatures.
5. Alcohol: many classes like no host bar, others include drink tickets in the price, to be redeemed for one's choice
6. Try to include some no cost events- a bring your own picnic, a tour of your high school(s) and/or drop in, no host Friday night (works well at Lionsgate XXX bar- just notify them ahead)

1. Send a large, half sheet size postcard- "Save the Date' about 9 to 12 months ahead ( pay first class postage and include return address and you will find out which addresses are outdated) Ask for email addresses. Ask unregistered people to register on HighlandsHighAlumni.com
2. 6-8 months before,: send one invite/order form mailing and see if that is enough
3. Some classes send a third invite before the reunion.

Some suggestions include:
    a. Red Lion XXX (good room rates, good food
    b. AAA
Help Webmaster fill out this list of venues.     c. BBB
    d. CCC
    e. DDD
    g. Classmate's home

1. Have greeters meeting classmates at the entrance before they reach the registration table.
2. Use LARGE PRINT name tags, one color for classmates, another for guests.
3. Good to have updated class lists/memory books available at first event or shortly thereafter.

Party ideas
1. XXX will tape event, then sell to class members- no charge to committee. call for details
2. Video person will make 15-20 minute history of class-ahead of time- about $XXXX. Very good. Call for details
3. Good to have memory corner- table for yearbooks, bulletin board for photos ,trivia game of Paly years, art show of classmates' works.
4. Decorations: keep it simple, little white lights, green and white tablecloths, balloons ( Diddams 327-6204)
5. Special place for listing and photos of deceased classmates
6. Gather photos of past reunions, run as continuous CD/computer slide show on wall/ceiling- then add new photos and sell CDs for seed money for next reunion- details available.
7. Music: Band? DJ?- adds atmosphere- just make sure it isn't too loud - guests really want to talk! Group dancing (line dances, stroll, etc. good)
    a. Alternative: piano player.
    b. Another alternative is to tape music, play it on "boom box" or rented sound system and give CDs/tapes as prizes. (XXX
8. Food! Buffet or food stations allow people to move around. Position food and drink tables away from each other to increase crowd flow and interaction.
a. XXX - good caterer XXX
Hope this is helpful!